Historical Opera Recordings from Broadcasts
Complete and Abridged Sets

The aim of this collection is twofold. On one hand we present the results of our discographic research concerning the existence of "complete" and "abridged" Broadcast recordings of operas and vocal works between 1932 and 1950. On the other hand this collection tries to bring together as many as possible of theses recordings in audible form, quasi as an audio encyclopedia.

None of the recordings on this disc is of an audio quality one seeks in a commercial recording or even what can be achieved from a master from those who hold rights to their distribution. We seek here to provide a listening experience which is pleasurable in itself and which inspires you to seek releases in better sound than we can provide. Note, however, that several of these recordings have never been released commercially before.

Recordings marked blue are existing in this collection only in the form of fragments: in worst cases only some minutes are available here, in better cases nearly all parts are present. Recordings marked red are not available in this collection. The reasons are different. In some cases we simply did not find them. In other cases they may be lost for ever.

The following References were used for this work.

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