Arthur S. Sullivan
Trial by Jury

Libretto by William S. Gilbert

HMV - London 1927 (D'Oyly Carte)

HMV D 1469-1472

The Learned Judge     Leo Sheffield
The Plaintiff     Winifred Lawson
The Defendant     Derek Oldham
Counsel for the Plaintiff     Arthur Hoskins
Usher     George Baker
Foreman of the Jury     T. Penry Hughes

Orchestra and Chorus

Harry Norris

The opera

In 1917 Rupert D'Oyly Carte, the son of Richard D'Oyly Carte, agreed to supervise a series of complete Gilbert and Sullivan recordings for HMV with well-known recording artists of the day such as George Baker, Peter Dawson, etc., rather than with D'Oyly Carte stars. "In selecting the singers for these important records, due regard has been paid to the recording as well as the musical qualities of their voices" a contemporary advertisement proclaimed, "and the personal co-operation of Mr. Rupert D'Oyly Carte has ensured that the traditional renderings are faithfully reproduced". A few D'Oyly Carte artists began to appear, however, in the later recordings of this series. It included: The Mikado (1917), The Gondoliers (1919), The Pirates of Penzance (1920), The Yeomen of the Guard (1920), Patience (1921), Iolanthe (1921/22), HMS Pinafore (1922/23), Ruddigore (1924), Princess Ida (1924).

With the advent of the electrical recording process in 1925, a new series of D'Oyly Carte recordings was undertaken, beginning again with The Mikado, featuring Henry Lytton, Bertha Lewis and Leo Sheffield. The exact list is: The Mikado (1926), The Gondoliers (1927), Trial by Jury (1927), The Yeomen of the Guard (1928), The Pirates of Penzance (1929), Patience (1930), Iolanthe (1929/30), HMS Pinafore (1930), Ruddigore (1931), Princess Ida (1932).

Another recording of The Mikado was made in 1936 with Sydney Granville in the role of Pooh-Bah. This was the last D'Oyly Carte recording made to feature an artist whose career dated back to the days of Gilbert.