Historical Operetta Recordings from 78rpm discs
A Few Complete and Many Abridged Sets


The aim of this collection is twofold. On one hand we present the results of our discographic research concerning the existence of "complete" and "abridged" 78rpm (shellac) commercial recordings of operettas and similar genres (Zarzuela, Savoy operetta, Musical comedy, ...) between ca. 1900 and 1950. The minimal playing time of the recordings considered here is ca. 15 to 20 minutes. This is equivalent to 2 12" discs or 3 10" discs. It means that we have not included the once quite popular vocal selections on one shellac side or disc. There are only a few exceptions which consist of one 12" 78rpm disc with variable grade (Füllschrift) which has a doubled playing time.

On the other hand this collection tries to bring together as many as possible of these recordings in audible form, quasi as an audio encyclopedia in the sense of Mike Richter. Recordings made with modern equipment (tape) and only released initially on 78rpm discs have been omitted in most cases.

A few cylinder recordings also are included. Recordings originating from other sources like films and radio transcriptions are not included here. This means, for example, that Franz Lehár's broadcast recordings from Vienna are absent.

The sound qualities of the individual recordings presented here are quite different. Reasons are the timely differences of their recording dates, large differences of technology (acoustic versus electric) and, of course, different art and level of restoration.

Recordings marked blue are existing in this collection only in the form of fragments: in worst cases only one or two of the shellac sides are available here, in better cases nearly all sides are present. Recordings marked red are not available in this collection. The reasons are different. In some cases we simply did not find them. In other cases they may be lost for ever.

The following References were used for this work.

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