Frederick Delius
A Village Romeo and Juliet

Libretto by Frederick Delius, after Gottfried Keller's Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe

HMV - London 1948

HMV DB 6751-6762

Vrenchen as a child     Dorothy Bond
Vrenchen as a young woman     Lorely Dyer
Sali as a child     Margaret Ritchie
Sali as a young man     René Soames
Marti     Frederick Sharp
The Dark Fiddler     Gordon Clinton
Manz     Denis Dowling
Gingerbread woman     Dorothy Bond
Wheel-of-fortune woman     Marjorie Avis
The Slim Girl     Marion Davies
First woman     Marjorie Avis
Second woman     Gwladys Garside
Third woman     Gwladys Garside
Cheap jewellery woman     Gwladys Garside
The wild girl     Gwladys Garside
The poor horn-player     Lloyd Strauss-Smith
Showman     Lloyd Strauss-Smith
First peasant     Donald Munro
Second peasant     Denis Dowling
Merry-go-round man     Donald Munro

Royal Philharmonic Chorus - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Sir Thomas Beecham

The setting is Switzerland during the mid-nineteenth century. The farmers Manz and Marti dispute a strip of land which rightfully belongs to the Dark Fiddler. The farmers' children, Vrenchen and Sali, although forbidden by their fathers to meet because of the feud, fall in love. The feud exhausts both farmers' financial resources and Sali attacks Vrenchen's father when the latter discovers the young couple together. The poverty-stricken lovers see no future and commit joint suicide by taking a barge out into the river and sinking it.