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My research is centrally concerned with perception-driven image synthesis methods (perception-driven rendering) and how knowledge of perception can be used to create more appealing virtual worlds and understandable visualizations.

While better and better rendering methods and hardware units for synthesis of high quality computer graphics are being developed, some very computationally intensive effects of reality (spectral, accurate depth-of-field, etc.) cannot be generated fast enough or are of insufficient quality. At the same time, screens are becoming increasingly high-resolution, covering larger and larger portions of the field of view and allowing simultaneous display of different views (stereo, multi-view, lightfield, etc.). This requires more and more computing power. However, the human visual system has certain limitations. Knowledge of these limitations can be used to accelerate computer graphics processes, make image synthesis more realistc and rendered images more comprehensible. Here, I am investigating methods of immersive analytics. This interdisciplinary research area includes methods that combine data visualization, visual analytics, HCI, and XR to improve the understanding of data and assist in decision-making processes.

My work focuses on the following topics:


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Weier
RheinMain University of Applied Sciences - Campus Unter den Eichen
Building C 202, left entrance
Unter den Eichen 5
65195 Wiesbaden, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)611 9495 1296
Office hours: Wednesday, 2pm - 3pm (CEST)