A CSS for DocBook

The Docbook DTD for XML provides a rich set of markup for authors of technical documents. However, developing a publication through repeated cycles of (1) editing source code, (2) transforming sources to target format (like HTML or PDF) and (3) reviewing recent changes can become a bit cumbersome, especially when compared with WYSIWYG-style publication tools.

This project provides a set of CSS files for direct inclusion in a DocBook document. They simplify the development cycle by providing previews without the transformation step: Just edit the source and load it into any XML- and CSS-enabled Browser for preview. After changing your text, just refresh the browser display and see the effect.


Project history

Earlier work

This project is based on docbook-css-0.4 by David Holroyd

Release 1.0

2005-05-01: First release, by Michael Thiele, Medieninformatik,

SB Informatik, FB DCSM, RheinMain Univ. of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden.

Release 1.01

2005-07-03: Bugfix release, by Michael Thiele (see above).

Release 1.02

2007-10-25: Bugfix release, by Heinz Werntges (see above).

This release fixes an issue of Firefox when trying to show images via element "imagedata" by adding a missing namespace declaration in file db-bindings.xml

Sample text and documentation

Release 1.02

The file you can load below is a Docbook XML file that uses the project CSS for display/preview purposes. No XSL stylesheets are involved, just the CSS.

Load this Docbook XML demo (text in German).

NOTE: Your browser should comply with both XML and CSS-2 according to their current W3C recommendations for best results. We recommend to use Mozilla Firefox 2.x.


Customizing this package is simple: Just import the central CSS file, then add new or override existing CSS statements. A sample file shows how this works.